IW Feet

Chiropodist learns how to make shoes.

Jason Mansell from Ventnor, Isle of Wight, has been steadily building domiciliary and surgery practise since October 2002. During the quiet periods he has been lucky enough to learn a valuable new skill.

He was already friendly with Kevin Garlic a shoemakers with international recognition, but Kevin introduced Jason to a retired Surgical Fitter (also in Ventnor) who made his first pair of shoes at the age of fourteen! Pete Cortesi made shoes, collars, belts, calipers etc for four hospitals in the south of England and ran more than one shoe repair shop for over thirty-five years on the Island.

Pete (real name Pietro) cannot spend as much time with Jason but has taught him some valuable traditional skills. Bespoke leather insoles and cork-raised soles were Pete’s favourite challenges. Pete admits that materials available today are superior to what he was told to use by the NHS.

Jason would like to hear from anybody who needs shoes/boots making for any size or shaped feet.  Jason can acquire or make big shoes, deep shoes, wide shoes or chiropody shoes.

Other items offered:  Shoes can be modified, eg. Making velcro straps for a laced shoe!  Shoes can be stretched to fit bunions, hammer toes or a high instep.

A range of creams and gel products to relieve friction from under the feet or between the toes.

Surgeries:    Shanklin ‘Isle of Wight Feet’ opposite the Conservative Club
Home visits including evenings and weekends

Chiropody & Podiatry :
Nails, skin, fungal infection, athlete’s foot, verrucae.

Corrective re-alignment of foot to relieve knee, hip, lower back, neck ache. Foot pains like heel pain can be relieved with orthotic insoles.


Hand-made, Crocs, Padders, DB Shoes and Cosy feet. Mixed sizes, half sizes up to 8E width.
We provide a mobile shoe shop service.

Shoe Making:
Specialised shoes, boots, sandals made to fit any shape and size of foot. Lace-ups, Velcro, slip-ons, elasticated shoe modification, big shoes, wide shoes, deep shoes and specialist chiropody shoes.

Modern Techniques:
Painless treatment of corn reduction, nail debridement with ‘wet-drill’